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Introducing our Micro Blog

Micro Blog
July 17, 2014

Although Google prefers content rich sites, people in general are not willing to read long articles. They start to tire after two or three paragraphs maybe.

Of course, the Internet absorbs the quantum of `how to create the catchiest content ever` articles every day.
Well, this isn’t one of them, don’t worry.

We want to just simply introduce our Micro Developers’ Blog aka µBlog. A bunch of clever guys who improve their skills every day by working hard on big projects started to write down their observations or tips & tricks into this µBlog. Are you curious about what kind of things they are interested in?

Let’s see.

  • How to clone GPT partition table
  • Execute action after SSH/SFTP logout
  • How to find basic CPU info in Linux
  • How to remove extra button spacing/padding in Firefox
  • Forgot to write 'sudo' with your last command? Don't panic!
  • How to connect Crucible/Fisheye with Jira running via https with own certificate
  • How to quickly test Varnish presence with 'curl'
  • Git ignore chmod changes
  • Disable wysiwyg in code
  • Drupal White Screen of Death (WSOD)

  • You will absolutely appreciate this brief but very helpful Micro Blog.